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Many modern pontoons are built with three floats instead of the traditional two-float design; rest assured, Ultra Legs has them covered. Unlike the Twin-Tube, Ultra Legs Tri-Toon models feature four individual legs that operate via remote control in sets of two, lifting the pontoon from side-to-side, front-to-back, or as one whole unit. At full extension, Tri-Toon Ultra Legs provide six feet of lift. (Lift height is measured from the bottom of the boat deck to the bottom of the footpad.)

As a foundation, each leg features a 31” x 8” footpad that covers a surface area large enough to support your pontoon in any bottom conditions, including muck, rocks and sand.

Ultra Legs Tri-Toon models come equipped with a 2.5 HP electric motor and 3,500 psi solid-steel hydraulic cylinders capable of lifting lift loads up to 7,500 lbs.

Each set of Ultra Legs is installed by a group of trained Ultra Legs professionals and carries a two-year warranty.

Please note that Ultra Legs are not compatible with I/O pontoon models.