ultra legs motor

Ultra Legs Twin-Tube models are powered by a 1.5 HP 12-Volt DC Bi-Rotational electric motor, while Tri-Toon models are powered by an even more powerful 2.5 HP motor.
Each hydraulic lifting cylinder it runs features an all-steel construction rated to 3500 psi,
allowing ample power in any situation.

(Twin-Tube model shown)
ultra legs sturdy

There is no sturdier lift. With Ultra Legs' addition of an aluminum support bar on each leg,
any flexing or bending is eliminated completely, adding both superior rigidity and longer
life to your unit.

(Twin-Tube model shown)
ultra legs maintenance

As an Ultra Legs exclusive, grease zerks on each cylinder rod allows for quick lubrication
whenever needed, keeping your Ultra Legs quiet and smooth. This standard feature is not found
on any hydraulic lift legs outside Ultra Legs.
ultra legs footprint

Ultra Legs' wide footprint pattern plants your lift firmly on the ground every time, regardless
of rocks, muck or current, giving you a dependable and secure lift every time. The open
design allows dirt and vegetation to leave the legs as they lift, keeping your lift clean
from debris.

(Twin-Tube model shown)
ultra legs noise dampener

New noise dampening stops eliminate foot pad chatter during normal boating operation.
The days of your lift clanking over every wave are no more. Each foot pad includes two
dampeners to provide the quietest ride available.
ultra legs remote

Ultra Legs Remote Control provides the user with the freedom to operate their legs from on the
dock or in the boat without being tied to a mounted control panel. The six-button control permits
lifting of each leg unit individually or as a unit to provide the most level lift at nearly any lake bed.