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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are Ultra Legs?

Ultra Legs are the strongest, sturdiest, longest-lasting hydraulic pontoon legs available, replacing your old, bulky boatlift with a sleek, convenient design that mounts permanently to the underside or your pontoon and travels with you wherever your waters take you. Featuring either two sets of legs in the Twin-Tube model or four individual legs in the Tri-Toon model, Ultra Legs allow you to simply drive to a shallow place, lower your legs and be firmly lifted out of the water. Whether you find yourself at a sandbar, a neighbor’s cabin for a summer picnic or your favorite shallow-water fishing spot, Ultra Legs will be there with you.

Is my boat eligible to receive Ultra Legs?

Is your boat a twin tube or triple tube pontoon between 20’ and 26’ in length? If so, there is most likely a model to fit your needs. Pontoon weight is rarely an issue as Ultra Legs are designed to provide the strongest lift around.

Why would I want Ultra Legs?

Three easy reasons: convenience, ease and piece-of-mind. With Ultra Legs attached to your pontoon, you will never have to drag your heavy dockside lift in and out of the water ever again. Ultra Legs give you a boatlift everywhere you need to go without having to worry about messing around with anchor lines, having a boatlift reserved or having a dock space available. Once lifted, the legs support the pontoon in any condition, regardless of winds and currents, keeping your boat safe.

How do I operate a set of Ultra Legs?

Ultra Legs operate via push-button on a wireless remote control, letting you run them from the dock or on the pontoon itself. Leg sets operate either individually or as one whole, providing unparalleled potential for level lifting for any bottom condition.

The bottom at my place is muddy / rocky / sandy, will Ultra Legs work?

Yes. Ultra Legs' wide footprint pattern plants your lift firmly on the ground every time, regardless of rocks, muck, sand or current, giving you a dependable and secure lift every time. The open design allows dirt and vegetation to leave the legs as they lift, keeping your lift clean from debris.

How high can Ultra Legs lift my pontoon?

Measured from the bottom of your pontoon deck to the end of each footpad, Ultra Legs Twin-Tube and Tri-Toon models extend to a reach of 6’. Typically, any water 4’ or less in depth allows Ultra Legs to fully lift the pontoon out of the water, while depths up to 5’ still lift the pontoon enough to hold it in place safely. Twin-Tube Extended Rear models are also available, extending the stern reach up to nearly 8' for deeper conditions.

What kind of warranty is offered with Ultra Legs?

Ultra Legs come equipped with a two-year warranty, a full description of which is available under the “Guides & Instructions” tab. In addition to the warranty, Ultra Legs features a full service response team, ready to assist for any Ultra Legs need.

Is there any contact information I can use to find you more about Ultra Legs?

There is, and we look forward to helping you with any questions you may have!


[email protected]
Tech Line: 651-357-1862