Ultra-Leg’s Twin-Tube Extended Rear models make it possible for people using deeper or steeper waterways to still get the full Ultra Legs experience without sacrificing stability or height. Extended Rear models use a front leg component identical to the standard Twin-Tube model with a lift of six feet, but the rear leg component offers up to an additional two feet of reach for an extended length of nearly eight feet. (Lift height is measured from the bottom of the boat deck to the bottom of the footpad.)

When lifting, the two 48” x 18” footpads give you a solid foundation on any lakebed, regardless of the bottom conditions, including muck, rocks and sand. Operated from the convenience of remote control, the front and rear leg modules may be operated separately or as a unit, giving you full control to ensure a steady lift.

Ultra Legs Twin-Tube models come equipped with a 1.5 HP electric motor and 3,500 psi solid-steel hydraulic cylinders capable of lifting lift loads up to 5,800 lbs.

Each set of Ultra Legs is installed by a group of trained Ultra Legs professionals and carries a two-year warranty.